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What Are the Most Popular Sterling Silver Items?

This is a question that I keep getting asked. Well I have done some digging and found some that you might love.

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The Art Deco Jewelry Story
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The Art Deco movement first started in France before World War 1. The design of many everyday things that include fashion, buildings, ocean liners, trains, furniture, cars, Art Deco jewelry and many everyday items that included vacuum cleaners and radios. The name came from the Exposition internationale des arts décoratifs … Read More

The Brighton Jewelry Story
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The Brighton Jewelry story is a charming love story that dates back more than four decades. It all began in Alhambra, California, with a range of leather belts that were inspired by English craftsmanship and named after the English city of Brighton. The jewelry and accessories only came much later. … Read More

The Celtic Cross Story
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Since the early middle ages in Ireland and England the Celtic Cross came into use. It is combination of the Latin cross with a circle around the join of the cross pieces. Widely used by Irish missionaries during the 9th to 12th centuries, and was used in stone high crosses … Read More

How to clean a silver necklace
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How to clean a silver necklace and this includes how to clean your silver jewelry If you do a Google search for “How to clean a silver necklace” you might find a whole bunch of “home remedies” that might or might not work. If you would like to skip directly … Read More

Sterling Silver vs Stainless Steel What is the difference?
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This is a question that many people post in Google search, so what is the real difference here?   Silver has been prized for centuries and one time it was valued higher than gold. Today of all the precious metals it is the most reasonably priced. Sterling silver is actually … Read More

Selecting the Perfect Gift for the Holidays
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  There is nothing in the world more stressful than attempting to complete all of your shopping on the day before the holidays start. Even worse is doing your Christmas shopping on Christmas eve. After fighting through crowds to pick through sparse leftovers in hundreds of stores for the perfect … Read More

Sterling Silver Jewelry Becomes An Instant Classic
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Fine Sterling Silver Jewelry is the perfect way to update and accessorize this season’s fashions Fine Sterling Silver jewelry is the perfect way to update and accessorize this season’s fashions. “Eyelet dresses, Edwardian-inspired blouses and white clothing, all hot trends this season, provide the perfect backdrop for fine jewelry,” says … Read More

The Lariat Necklace Is Fun And Trendy
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The Lariat Necklace is a great trendy jewelry piece that you’ll love wearing for its simplicity and versatile fashion style. The lariat is a necklace that has no clasp and is worn around the neck with open ends. The lariat style necklace The ends of the lariat may be tied … Read More

Sterling Silver Heart Necklace Just for Her
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Sterling Silver Heart Necklace Will be Just the Perfect Gift for Her     Anniversaries, birthdays and even Mothers day presents an opportunity to really express your love for someone close to you. With a sterling silver heart necklace, you can show the woman in your life how much you … Read More

A Sterling Silver Link Chain Bracelet – a Special Gift
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A Sterling Silver Bracelet Will Always Make A Great Gift You do not have to wait for Mother’s Day to give mom a beautiful and thoughtful gift any excuse can be used to give her a special gift. Sterling silver seems to be the “in” thing these days and a … Read More

Use Sterling Silver Charms to Add a Personal Touch to a Gift
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A Personal Touch With Sterling Silver Charms If you are struggling to figure out what to buy for your wife or mother for any one of those special days, or to send to a special friend or even to give a graduate on their special day, consider buying a necklace … Read More

The Versatile Gift: The Sterling Silver Ring
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The Sterling Silver Ring – The Most Versatile Gift One of the most versatile pieces of jewelry on the market is the sterling silver ring. What makes it so versatile? Simply put, the sterling silver ring is a piece that looks elegant on everyone from brides to mothers to daughters … Read More

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