Hamsa Jewelry & Evil Eye Protection Jewelry

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Recently, you may well have seen a lot of Hamsa jewelry hands on clothing and accessories as well as the evil eye symbol.


hamsa necklace protect evil eye

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These are two symbols that go back to ancient times and have become a trendy addition to accessories in the fashion world. Nowadays you can find Hamsa and evil eye t-shirts, tank tops, and Hamsa and evil eye jewelry including hamsa bracelets, necklaces, earrings, as well as evil eye bracelets and other various jewelry.

The Hamsa looks like a tiny open right hand, revealing the palm and five fingers. The symbol is recognized for protection against the envious “evil eye” in societies all over the world dating back to ancient times.

The Jewish faith refers to the Hamsa as “Khamsa”, symbolizing the “Hand of Miriam” for Moses’ sister, Miriam. The Christian faith calls it “Hand of Mary,” after Jesus’ mother, Mary.

Sometimes you may also hear the symbol referred to by people of the Muslim religion as “Hand of Fatima,” remembering Fatima Zahra, daughter of Muhammad. This meaningful symbol represents power, blessings, and strength. It is most commonly found in the forms of silver and gold, which is said to represent purity within that holds mythical and magical properties.

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